A plantlover’s wish list

It is almost Christmas, and if you are still not sure what to put on your wish list, then here are some ideas. These 5 wishes are also on my own Christmas list this year.


There are plenty of beautiful water cans on the market, but I really like this one from Notre Dame. Specially because it is not only useful, but also beautiful in its design.

Root Stimulate hormone is a must have for every plantlover. When propagating plants using a stem cutting it is often helpful to use a root-stimulating hormone, as it increase the chance of succesful plant rooting. Clonex root hormone is not available in Europe at the moment, so I’ll recommend this one instead.

If you love plants and naked men, Guys with Plants is the perfect gift to wish for. Guys with Plants is a wall calendar celebrating men and plants of all shapes and colours. For every calendar sold, Blad Journal donates 20 DKK to Forests of the World, a Danish organization working for Forest Conversation and the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

I love books with plants and interiors, and there has been made so many recently, I think I need to make a blog posts just for books of plants. In Living with Plants Sophie Lee shows you great plant-styling inspiration as well as practical guides on plant care. I can’t wait to read it!

Book of Palms is described as a jewel of 19th-century botany. The encyclopedia is based on the German botanist Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius (1794–1868) expeditions through Brazil and Peru to investigate natural history and native tribes with zoologist Johann Baptist von Spix. The encyclopedia is remarkable for its classification, maps, color landscapes, and cross-sectioned diagrams showing the architecture of Palms.

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