Floating Forests

Floating Forests

How cool is it to watch roots grow in water? I find it very beautiful and aesthetic in a way. Do you follow me? So I am researching on cool water containers and growth accessories perfect for growing plants in water, and I stumbled upon Michael Anastassiades‘ Floating Forests series from 2015.

The “floaters” are hand-made in solid brass. Place them on the rim of a glass, so it will hold the seed above the surface, facilitating growth. The series contains five different types – all very beautiful and delicate I think. I want them all!

I not sure how long an acorn for example, can survive living in water as it’s not the natural conditions for an acorn. It definitely needs some fertilizer for water culture plants to give the right nutritions.

You can buy the products on The Future Perfect and TwentyTwentyOne.

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