Get your plants ready for Spring


The temperature in Denmark is still negative even though the calendar says Spring. However, I can really feel how the days are getting longer and when the sun shines, you can feel a little bit warmth on your skin. So today had to be the day I repotted and potted up my plants and got them ready for growth season.


Step 1: Gather all your plants that need to be repotted or potted up

I want to take my time repotting, usually 2-3 hours – I have a lot of plants, and I hate stressing while doing it. I start by examine all my plants and gather those, which need to be either potted up or just need some fresh potting soil. A good indication for potting up is if the roots are poking out from the soil or through the drainage holes.


Step 2: Mix potting soil with perlite

Now that I have gathered all the plants I have an overview of what potting soil to use. For succulents I use a potting soil specially for cacti and succulents. But for all my other plants I want to mix my potting soil with perlite for better drainage. You can read more about perlite in my blogpost here. Always use fresh potting soil. Old potting mix should not be re-used as it’s depleted of the necessary minerals and salts.


Step 3: Repotting in the right size

After getting my potting soil ready and mixed, it is time for repotting. This can be a real challenge for me. Usually I start with one plant, measure the diameter and look for a pot, that is 2 cm bigger. If the pot I want to use is already occupied by another plant, I have to find another pot, that plant can be repotted in, before I can use the pot for the first plant. You see the point, right? It is like a puzzle game – it can be fun but also a bit frustrating if you are not well prepared and end up with a plant and no pot in the right size for it, haha.


Step 4: Change the potting soil

Not all my plants needs to be repotted in a bigger sized pot. For the plants staying in their pot, I just change the top soil with some new fresh potting soil. This is a Calamundin tree (Citrofortunella microcarpa), for which I use a potting soil special for mediterranean plants.


Step 5: Shower your plants

I shower my plants regularly to keep them clean from dust, but now that I am already repotting and boosting my plants I think it is a nice thing to do. You can either douche them with a spray bottle, or just put them in your shower niche. Let them dry before returning them to their spots.


Now my plants are ready for Spring and to grow big and beautiful. Remember not to fertilize in the first 6 weeks as the new potting soil is already full of nutritions.

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