How to care for Fatsia japonica


One of the newest members in my plant family is Fatsia japonica, also called Japanese aralia. It is native to southern Japan, southern Korea and Taiwan. The name fatsi is an approximation of the Japanese word for ‘eight’, referring to the eight lobes. And the name Japanese aralia is due to formerly being classified within the genus Aralia in the past.

Fatsia japonica grows 1-3 m tall, but grown indoor it rarely grows over 1 meter. The leaves are kind of glossy and spirally arranged in 7-8 lobes. Fatsia japonica ‘variegata’ is a cultivar with irregular white edges on the leaves.

The plant thrives in medium shade, while F. japonica ‘variegata’ needs more light. No direct sun as it will make the leaves turn brown. Keep the soil moist, but slightly drier in winter, and douche the leaves with water once in awhile. As it doesn’t like high temperature (over 20°C) you might have a better chance by placing it in your garden or at your balcony. Fatsia japonica can tolerates temperature down to 5°C. Under the right conditions Fatsia japonica can bloom with small white flowers.


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