IKEA Plant Decor News

Ikea Spring News Plant Decor

Source: IKEA 

I am going IKEA shopping this Sunday with my sister and cousin, which gave me reason to browse through IKEA’s Spring news on their website. These are my absolutely favourites and I am planning to buy the rotting piedestal, the pink glass vase and the long wanted red Philodendron imperial. The piedestal can be used as a planter by turning it upside down. I am not sure which way I will use it nor which particular plant it is for, haha.

I’ve been experimenting with a small water terrarium with Marimo Moss balls and water weeds, but the glass container I am using at the moment is not big enough. Maybe this beautiful pink glass vase will do it. Anyway it will look beautiful with som fresh flowers or plant cuttings.

If you want to showcase your houseplants in a more artsy way these espaliers will be perfect. I really love the one you can use as a plant hanger – I think this pot will look very cute in it.

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