Where to buy your houseplants and what to look out for

Plant shop: Plant København in Copenhagen (photo taken by me)


It can be a jungle (hah!) to find out where to buy the best houseplants. Do I want them cheap or do I want those of great quality? What are the pitfalls and what do I need to look out for? But don’t worry! With these few tips, hopefully I can help you not making the same mistakes as I did!



Houseplants sold in supermarket are usually very cheap – cheaper than in any other plant selling store. However, the staff working in supermarkets are often not plant experts and have very little knowledge in plant care. Therefore they tend to overwater their plants. Then add limited light and dry air – conditions that are very tough for most houseplants. Personally I don’t buy houseplants in supermarkets, because of too many bad experiences of miscarried houseplants with limited chances of survival.


Plant shops

The chance of buying a houseplant, that has been taken care of under the right conditions ar very high. A plant assistant usually have great knowledge in plant care and if you are in doubt you can ask for advice. But be aware if the plant shop have tropical plants placed outside the shop in winter time. Many tropical and subtropical plants can’t tolerate the cold temperature, and being moved in and out the shop can be very stressful for at plant. The symptoms caused of low temperature can show up 1-2 weeks after you have brought your new plant home. Therefore I never buy tropical houseplants placed outside the plant shop in wintertime.


Garden centers and retail plant nurseries

My experience with gardens centers and plant nurseries are that you find the best guidance and selection of quality plants as the staff working here are either gardeners or specialists in other ways. Also they have the widest selection of garden tools and supplies. Plants sold from garden centers and retail plant nurseries are priced very good, because of their great connections with specialists plant nurseries or wholesalers. Unfortunately, you have to travel far for the nearest garden center, when you are living in the city.

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